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People are our greatest assets, but too often we find ourselves making critical hires based on the urgency of an empty seat and the ability to meet minimum skills requirements. All too often this process fails because the values and purpose of the employee are not in alignment with the organization. And at that point, everyone pays the price.

We started MAC Talent with the belief that there is a better way for attracting, recruiting, assessing and hiring the best talent on the market.


Our goal is to help corporations, non-profits and agencies attract and retain high-quality leaders using custom search solutions to match you with candidates who best address your needs and responsibility requirements, as well as align with your purpose and values. Our dedicated consultants will help identify outstanding senior communications and marketing experts, including PR, marketing, digital, analytics and strategic planning experts. From C Suite to contract and freelance employees, our services cover the full range of candidates to take your organization to the next level.


We started MAC Talent after years of requests from clients and colleagues. How do I work with an organization like that? Where do you find employees like this? 


Our partners, Brad MacAfee and

Steve Mallison-Jones, have decades of diverse experience hiring and retaining top talent.  Many of the candidates and employers we propose are those we know and have worked with or would like to ourselves.


We appreciate the importance of personal fulfillment and building career-long relationships with high-valued individuals, and we're grateful to be in a position to share our connections.

Our Story


Values alignment provides that invisible, undeniable synergy that can only be achieved when the thoughts, concepts, behaviors and goals of a company and potential candidate are in sync. It's no longer enough to simply meet the job requirements. We now know that an engaged employee is a valuable employee -- and the secret to a successful, long-term relationship.


Just as employers are looking for employees that do more than look good on paper, candidates today are looking for more than a good salary. They are looking for positions in which their unique talents and values are known and appreciated as much as they are considering competitive pay and job perks. Companies operating with a strong purpose proposition, values and commitment to diversity and inclusion can attract the industry's top candidates.

Ultimately, MAC Talent aims to make a match that benefits both the organization and employee equally. When there's increased engagement, elevated performance, and relationships that go the distance, everyone wins.

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